Colorado Warmachine

Store Wars 2017 Event Details

Colorado Store Wars 2017 Event Details


Registration starts at 11:00 at Nighthawk Brewery
Address: 2780 Industrial Ln, Broomfield, CO 80020

Please be sure to NOT park in front of the bar. We'll be parking around back and on the side like we did for the Rumble. We'll be using the side door for entrance and egress for the event. Nighthawk doesn't open till 11:00, so please don't try to come in early. We're looking for dice at 11:15 so please be prompt.

Players please don't come check in. Captains when your team is entirely present please come check in and receive your Captains packet.

Pairing Process

Dice off until there is a winner. The winner gets to choose
whether they are Team A, or Team B in the process.

Team B captain nominates his/her first player and presents
both the player’s lists to the opposing captain.

Team A captain then nominates two (2) of his players that
are potential opponents for the player. He provides all 4
lists for the 2 players.

Team B captain chooses which player from the 2 that will
play against the player he first nominated. The one he does
not choose remains on the table.

Team B captain will choose which table the match will be
played on.

Once the first match up is determined, Team B captain will
nominate 2 of his remaining players, Team A captain will
then choose one of those to face off against the player left on
the table from the 1st round pairings.

Team B captain continues to choose the table for each match-up.

This process continues until all 5 pairings have been done.

All players across the entire tournament will play the same
SR2017 scenario for a given round. No scenario will be




Things to be aware of:

  • There is no place for you to charge your device. Plan accordingly. 
  • It's a large space, but some of you are large and there are a lot of us. Shower, wear clean clothes, don't be that guy/gal.
  • Nighthawk has a pretty sweet water spigot, but please be considerate and bring your own bottles.
  • Space is tight, neither I or NightHawk is responsible for any lost or stolen belongings. Try to leave empty cases or bags in the car. 
  • We will have printed lists and scenarios in the Captains packet.
  • We are all here to have fun. As stated in the SR2017 document, "Players must present a mature and polite demeanor to their opponents and the EO". If you can't abide by that I will DQ you. Don't be a jerk.
  • If you end up missing a player the day of, your team can still play you just basically take 1 loss each round.
  • When teams are paired I will also be putting you on tables.
  • Due to the large number of players please pause you clock when you make a judge call. It might take me a while to make it to your table. Abuse of this will result in a DQ.