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Skorne Warlock Review: Primus Jalaam (CID)

Sardonic Artery gives an initial take on Skorne’s latest CID warlock, Primus Jalaam (Jalaam1).

It’s a reiver warlock! It’s a Skorne Caine! No, it’s a desert hobo who done got real good with a coward’s weapon he found left lying around.

After years of (rightfully) complaining that they didn’t need any more beaststick warlocks, Skorne players are testing Primus Jalaam—a dude who, thanks to MAT 7, prey, and grievous wounds on a 1’ melee sword, is actually still pretty good at the stabby stabby. After receiving no changes after one week in CID, I figured I’d better get him on the table for feedback. Note that the following game occurred before he gained resourceful in the latest CID.    

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Skorne Theme: Imperial Warhost: First Impressions

Sardonic Artery looks at Skorne’s Imperial Warhost theme, discusses its pros and cons, and argues why, at first glance, you probably won’t see much of it in the competitive scene once other themes release in September 2017.

It’s day one of Gen Con 2017 and Privateer Press has dropped the latest Skorne warbeast theme (before 6 AM even, causing my mad War Room refresh skillz to atrophy). Let’s see what it has to offer.

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Siege Animantarax: (Not-)Jack of All Trades, Master of Derp

Sardonic Artery discusses Skorne’s Siege Animantarax battle engine changes (still in progress with CID testing).

Odds are, if you own a Siege Animantarax, you picked one up at a bargain bin price during MK2 (and you still don’t know how to spell “Animantarax” without Googling it). Me, I received one when I jokingly told my meta that I’d play one competitively for three months straight if I was given a painted one. Being of sound mind and knowing when a jokes a joke, my meta followed through and it was painted by Dan over at Forged in Paint. From there, I worked through #7StagesOfSiegeAnimantaraxGrief

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Morghoul3: Tall Enough to Ride the Pain Train

Sardonic Artery explores Skorne’s upcoming warlock unit, Dominar Morghoul & Escorts (Morghoul3).  

He’s a master of pain; he’s a brutal assassin; he’s… kinda short actually.

Maybe it’s because his other incarnations aren’t standing upright—Morghoul1 is hunched over, stalking (maybe hug-stabbing?) his prey; Morghoul2 is doing pain yoga atop a pillar—but now that he’s a calm and upstanding Dominar, it’s clear Morghoul3 is Prince-sized. Except what Prince was to sex, Morghoul is to suffering.

So what does Skorne’s pintsize psychopath have to offer?

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