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Warmachine SteamRoller 2017 Part1

SteamRoller 2017 Review

I've been promising this for a while, and for a minute there wondered if I'd be able to write it at all. There is SO much to cover, and honesty most people have read a review of SR2017 somewhere by now. But here it is! So where to start? I'm going to go ahead and just list all the changes I can think of for 2017, and after I'll talk about a few key points.

SteamRoller 2017 Rule Changes


  • Now is on every mission, but is only 12 inches from their table edge.

Victory Conditions

  • Assassination
  • Scenario (major change)
  • Turn Limit


  • Warcaster Remaining
  • Scenario Presence
  • CP
  • Army Points Destroyed
    • No more auto battlegroup
    • Units must be 100% destroyed


  • Chosen after lists are selected
  • Fewer objective choices


Game Modes

  • Divide and Conquer is gone
  • Turn Length on every Scenario

Table Markers are limited to two on the table at any time.


  • Suggestion of 8 pieces per table
  • Tables should have 2 LOS blocking pieces minimum
  • No more disappearing Terrain
  • Suggestion of LOS blocking Terrain on the centerline in their setup methods


Scenario Pieces

  • Circular Zone

    • May only be controlled by Units and Casters
    • The entire Unit must be within the zone and in formation
    • Unit no longer need to be at or above 50% to score the zone
  • Rectangular Zones

    • May only be controlled by Jacks, Beasts, Monstrosities, Battle Engines, and Casters
    • Controlling models must not be inert, wild or out of formation.
    • Only one model must be within the zone to control it for Warbeast Packs
  • Flags

  • May only be controlled by Solos and Warcasters/Warlocks.
  • Controlling Caster units must be within 4 inches of the flag and in formation


Great, did you guys get all that? It's a lot to take in. Lets talk about the biggest change, Scenario win. To win on scenario now a player needs to have a positive delta equal to or greater than 5 in control points. In addition there are a lot more scoring elements in each game. Each scenario has a minimum of 3 points you can score per turn, with 5 being the most. It's a large enough change that when combined with some scenarios being super live (easy to score points on), that going 2nd is back as a legitimate choice. In addition if your game goes to turn 7 it immediately ends upon completion of the round, with the winner being the person who has more control points. Hmm okay, something else to keep in mind is not all scenarios have all the scoring elements. There are a few where Jacks or Infantry cannot score. With all these things in mind I definitely think a lot of lists will need some tweaking from 2016 to 2017. So which scenarios have which elements? And should this impact out list creation?

Okay so we see that the Circular and Rectangular zones are the most popular items, each occurring in  5 of the 6 scenarios. Flags and Objectives are in half of the scenarios each respectively. We can also see that Breakdown only allows for a possible 3 points a turn. The Pit II allows for 4 a turn once, and 3 the rest of the game. Outlast allows for 4 a turn all the time. Standoff and Recon II allows for 5 a turn once, and 4 normally. Spread the Net allows for 5 every turn. 

If you're going to be making lists with the goal of a scenario win, you'll need to be sure to maximize your odds of scoring on all possible scenarios, between your pair. What does that mean? Well we'll need solo's, Beasts/Jacks/Engines, and Infantry in some form, and often in multiples.

Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 12.55.43 AM.png

Attrition lists have change too. No longer are you grinding them down for clock, you're really grinding for turn 7 and shooting to be up CP. So even when attrition is your focus scoring consistently, and contesting your opponents is paramount. Assassination is still left unchanged. The main advantage now is with Killbox on every mission you can ensure you at least have a shot, even if it's a long one on their caster.

So thats just a quick write up of SteamRoller 2017. I'll be doing several parts and I think next I'll be going over the different scoring pieces and how I list build for them. Hows SR2017 been for you?