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Warmachine Cryx Theme Review: Dark Host

Dark Host

So far Cryx has two solid themes. The monster theme Ghost Fleet, and the underused, younger, less talented brother, named Infernal Machine. With the completion of the Bane CID, PP released Dark Host at Lock and Load this year, and upon first glance it looks legit. Brandon Andrews won Lock and Load using a Pskarre Dark Host and a Denny 1 Ghost fleet pair. Was it shock and awe? Is Brandon just transcendent with Pskarre? Lets take a look. 

Theme Review

So what can we take? Well it's all in the image but basically BANES, Darragh, the Wraith Engine, Machine Wraiths, Necrotech, Scrap Thralls, Skarlock, and the Soul Trapper.

What do we get for our troubles? For every 20 points of units and battle engines we get a free command attachment, or medium/small based solo.

Bane models gain Prowl, and we get to place 2 permanent 4inch aoe's of dense fog at the start of the game withing 20 of our board edge.

Things We Love

So what does this really mean? The highest point models we can take for free are Bane Lord Tartarus (henceforth called BLT) at 6 , the Bane Warrior Officer and Standard at 5, next is the Skarlock at 4, then we're into 2 point solos. So I struggled with what to write first, BANE CID changed or the theme. I decided to start with Dark Host, that being said I will say that the post CID updated BLT and Bane Warrior UA I both really like. BLT has some more flexibility switching from curse to Veteran Leader Bane. The Bane Warrior UA bringing back d3+1 banes and moving tough to the standard all seem like good things. So in general the free points we get are live, and decent free points. 

Prowl, 2 free clouds, and SR2017 having more terrain is an awesome combination. Whether you're using the cloud to cover your advance, or to make someone "safe" for your caster to sit all game they are almost always relevant. 

It's a solid theme with 3 benefits that will get used. 

Things to watch out for

It's a very restrictive theme. Other than the Bane Riders we're going to be bringing a lot of speed 5 troops. I think Darragth is crucial to us being able to get up the table. 

Wraith Engine, plus Bane Knights are arm 20 vs shooting. Couple that with Prowl and we're pretty solid into most anti infantry shooting.

Don't get LOS blocked by your own free smoke clouds! Nothing is worse than when a benifit becomes a hinderance. 

Don't fall into the trap of I always need stealth. Be mindful of board position, often it's better to not get stealth on 100% of a unit in order to threaten further up board.

This seems obvious, but more Banes have changed some way. Be sure you're familiar with the new stats/abilities of them. It's easy to fall back into old habits, and accidentally get a few rules wrong. 


It's a solidly competitive theme that pairs with Ghost Fleet incredibly well. Lets ride on peoples fear of the undead pirates, to get advantageous matchups with our BANES! Free BLT, and Bane UA's seems incredible. Prowl and free clouds is the equivalent of getting ice cream for dinner, with dessert still to come. So go ahead and take your Bane Knights out of storage. Dust off those Bane Riders we all got in mkii. Dark Host has done enough to make Bane Spam viable again, so who are you running it with?