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Warmachine Cryx Model Review: Stalker

ROAR my warjack got buffed to MAT7 and is still PS 19!!! Oh ya well my warbeast is Fury 5 and they are PS 18!!! Doesn't matter my jacks are PS 17 before the buff stacks, they end at PS 21 with 32 boxes!!! Thats all I heard in the beginning of mkiii, and honestly still here it now. Weird warjack/warbeast dick smacking on the table echoed through my local game stores. So what warjack gets me going? The stalker of course, our 8 point warjack with a slew of special rules. After all it's not the size of the warjack, it's the way you use it...right?

Okay so lets start with the stat line. The Stalker is speed 7, Mat 7, Def 15 Arm 13 and an incredible 18 boxes. They have Advance Deploy, Pathfinder and stealth. Two Eviscerators at PS 12, Blessed, melee range 1 and they have Grievous Wounds. On the back of the card we see 'Bounding Leap'. After his normal movement he can spend a point of focus to be placed within 5 inches! In addition since he's so damn fast and he has advance deploy they gave him extended control range. Wow thats a lot to take in. Clearly he's not a tank, and while he has blessed he's only ps 12 base. So what do they do? What are they good at? Who works well with them? Well here's a few of my musings, on my favorite Cryx Warjack, the Stalker. 

Lets start with his mobility. Speed 7 with innate pathfinder is super solid. Most of you know how much I value innate pathfinder, and this model embodies it at speed 7. We couple this with bounding leap for a nasty non linear 13 inch threat for melee. Advance deploy helps him get up the field, and ensures he's in the proper area to go after the models he wants to hunt down. His movement package is incredible, and with SR2017 moving to a recommended 8 pieces of terrain he's a super solid include. 

Their hitting power in a vacuum isn't incredible. PS 12 is enough to threaten things but not enough to kill most large targets outright. Mat 7 is good, but not great when you're counting on the stalker doing work. That being said it's not that difficult for him to "jump" into back arcs ignoring shields and getting the backstrike to hit bonus. Couple this with our factions numerous arm debuffs and the stalker is truly a piece to be feared. Keep in mind he only comes in at 8 points. A lot of times removing the key support/solo models is a more than valid excursion for a stalker to undertake. 

As far as survivability they are a "dodge tank". Stealth is great but there is a lot of anti stealth tech out there. Be sure to leverage Advanced deploy and the terrain on the table to ensure they can come up with cover and LOS blocking before he "leaps into action". See what I did there... Okay sorry. Def 15 isn't anything to sneeze at. Most other jacks and beasts will be boosting to hit them. Keep in mind though at arm13 and 18 boxes they are REALLY squishy once hit. AOE's and even electro leaps can be devastating to them. 

So we've gone over his stats and abilities lets talk about some general tactics and synergies:

  • Any caster with a movement buff. If we get stalkers to a walking 9 with a 5 inch jump it's really scary. Speaking of;
  • Aiakos 1: He has escort, which gets them to speed 9. Stalkers tend to be focus heavy, and Aiakos doesn't mind throwing all of his on his jacks. In addition with extended control range and Aiakos himself having stealth the make a fairly scary and self continued unit.
  • WarWitch Siren: Our casters tend to want their own focus, and stalkers are focus hungry. They need one to leap and often they'll need more than their initial attacks to get the job down. Consider taking a WWSiren to help power your stalker swarm.
  • GhostWalk: But TT they already have pathfinder! This is true but ignoring free strikes combined with the leap they can basically get anywhere they want. 
  • pSkarre: She buffs everything, but running 2-6 stalkers with her and Baby Aiakos is an insane threat block. They get to Blessed PS 17 and with dark guidance are mat7 with 3 dice. They will kill casters, and seriously hurt heavy jacks.
  • Skarre2: I know she doesn't bring an arm debuff, but her field martial Second Sight is legit with them, and def 20 can't be charged warjacks on feat turn can be intimidating. (not amazing but fun for casual games)
  • Don't sleep on grievous wounds. Typhon giving you fits? Trolls? Tough Spam? Knock out an aspect on a warbeast/warjack you want to stay out? While it's not grievous wounds on a shot, it's damn close with the stalker movement. 

So thats a little recap of my favorite Cryx Warjack the Stalkers. In a game filled with the hammers why not try a scalpel. We trade brute force power and boxes for mobility and precision. Running 4 with 2 under baby Aiakos and 2 on pSkarre coupled with 2 wraith engines is a guaranteed fun list to play. So take the stalker out, let me know you think. Am I missing any synergies you guys love? Let me know how you're using them.


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