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Warmachine Cryx Model Review: The Withershadow Combine

People always want to know who the best is. Who's our best caster? What's our best unit? Which lists are our best lists? Well those are up for debate, however I feel pretty confident when I say our most versatile unit is the Withershadow Combine. Why? We'll you'll have to read on. 

Okay so the Withershadow Combine is a named 3 person warcaster attachment unit, Maelovus, Admonia (female book reader), Tremulus (puppet guy) who bring a whole slew of abilities to the table. To start with they are all speed 5, def 13, arm 15 5 boxes with Stealth. They all have magic ability 7 and Dark Fire. A range 10 pow 12 Magic Attack which grants the casting model the soul if it kills a living enemy model. They also all have ps 12 magic claws, coupled with Soul Cage and Strength of Death they can hurt things in melee assuming they can preload themselves with souls using Dark Fire. 

TT this is pretty underwhelming. It's 9 points for 3 rng 10 pow 12 magic nukes. Ya it gets better trust me! Okay I'll keep reading...promise me we won't use any Algebra? Uhhh okay I can promise that...

Now each member of this mobile stealth death squad also brings a unique ability. We'll start with Maelvous the units Fearless leader. He has Spell Slave as a *Action or *Attack. This lets him cast one of his Attached Warcaster's spells that isn't  RNG SELF/CTRL or an upkeep. He's basically a super Skarlock. The usefulness of this ability is directly linked to the caster, but if he can sneak a soul early using Dark Fire. An addition boosted Mortality, Deadweight, or TK can be huge!

Don't you hate those armies with swarms of incorporeal dudes that you just didn't tech for and can't deal with? Okay maybe I'm talking about our army, but they still suck if you didn't bring the right tech. Admonia brings Sigil of Power as her *Action. Target friendly model/unit in CMD (7) gains Weapon Type Magical for one turn. This is gigantic, works on melee or ranged! Wow that is awesome TT in my lesser faction we don't have anything that cool. Sorry about that...She also gives us a free upkeep! Cause you know, she's a bad ass.

Okay last but not least is Tremulus. He's often considered the reason to take the unit. For a *Action/Attack he casts Puppet Master at rng 10. This grants one reroll on an attack or damage roll to target model/unit then it expires. Rerolls are great for your dice odds and... TT YOU PROMISED NO ALGEBRA/MATH CRAP TODAY. Oh ya.. sorry. lets just say rerolls are better...

So thats the unit in a nutshell. For 9 points you gain a ton of flexibility for your list. So if you ever find yourself jonesing for a free upkeep, searching for another spell slave, or maybe you crunched the numbers yourself and realize how awesome rerolls are, give the Withershadow Combine a try. For 9 points they'll surprise you!