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Warmachine Battle Report: Funtastic Games Sr2016 75point Steamroller part 2

Round3, scenario is Outlast and I end up playing a local Cygnar player, Zach G. He warned me he'd be brining it, and sure enough his Caine list has OGRUN ASSAULT CORE! Now as some of you know my first love was Rhul, and Gorten. I've never found the OAC to be decent, but I was excited to see 7 ogrun in a list. Okay his lists were Pcaine and Pstryker. 

I think both of my lists are viable drops into these. But I came into the event wanting to test Gluten Free Denny so thats what I picked. I assumed he'd be dropping Caine and he did. Yes Caine kills lots of stuff, but he's super fragile and he has to respect Denny or he dies. The other thing is there are tons of models for the BlackBanes to eat and other than Caine not much to clear them. So here we go (discloser when I think a game might be tight on clock I forget pictures, so pictures are sparse for this one).

Zach wins and choses to go first. I take the side that has a forrest in the zone, my thought is Denny can hide in there for dominates. He deploys slightly off to my left. I decide to try to hammer that right zone with the forrest hard, and feed the left zone with models and possibly nightmare for a harder to remove contesting piece.

Turn 1 was pretty boring. He moves pretty slowly up (i'm surprised) cautious advances the trenchers.  Snipes the Orgun and Blurs the Trenchers, Ogrun take up behind the Trenchers. Ace on the hill in the left zone. He's really on top of himself and since he's not aggressively taking the board I will. I know things are going to die, thats fine. I have a hard time imagining what he can do to stop me from dominating on two. I run forward. Denny, her arc node, and a PW hide behind the forrest. There is a Machine wraith in the forrest and I'm feeling good about my ability to clear it. Nightmare is in the rubble, out of control (this is annoying but he doesn't make me pay for it). 

Round 2 Forgot to take pictures of this one. He runs the arcane shielded Ironclad into my zone and thats it. He doesn't feat but the trenchers and ogrun kill a lot of pirates. He targets one unit pretty well but I always string a few back to make sure they start the recursion train. The Blackbanes are going to be able to charge living models! I get so excited. 

I apparition forward towards the trenchers and Ogrun. Bone jack runs. machine wraith hits the Ironclad contesting and walks it out of the zone towards my stuff (night mare can't charge no focus). PW shoots and stationaries the Ironclad, who's also out of Caines control now. pirates charge it and tickle it a little. Denny moved in to dominate, CG's the trenchers. Blackbanes charge make 5 more of themselves. I tag the hunter once too for good measure. Left zone I trickle pirates into to make annoying. The cannon gets another trencher for another pirate. We look good 2-0. I'm not sure what he can toss into my zone but we'll see.

Round 3 More forgotten pictures. Clocks a concern for him Zach's a deliberate player. I also know his feat is going to eat a good bit of clock. He feats, kills a ton. He shoots his own Ironclad to clear off my swarming pirates with Ogrun. He only commits a trench buster to my zone, but is able to clear his own for 2. 2-2

Okay killing a trench buster isn't hard... I CG it just to be sure then the PW aims into it and it dies to rifles. I finish off the one Ironclad and Nightmare is middle of the board ready to run into either zone. I run 8 pirates into his zone and Rengrave. Cannon and PW are in the middle of the zones on my side of the table ready to be reactive. I jam him pretty well not sure what he's going to toss in. Denny has her feat still too. I pass it back 4-2.

Round 4 The picture is during Zach's turn. He whiffs on a few attacks this round. Dice don't like him. He puts Arcane shield up on the Iron clad and tramples it into my zone over 4 pirates. The dinged up hunter also runs into the zone. He tries to jam nightmare by shoving Murdok and the Ogrun up there. He kills everything in the zone but Rengrave. He shoots Rengrave who pushes the shot off, and still contests. 2-4 still me. Even if he scored I had a few models that could have contested and felt good about being able to clear my zone. 

I should have this. Lone Blackbane apparitions to see the hunter in the back. Nightmare gets loaded up. Bone jack #2 runs to within 8 of both contesting jacks. Denny feats, Parasites the Arcane shielded Iron clad for a negative 5 armor swing(Cryx Commandment #1!). Aiming PW kills the hunter. Cannon clears Murdok and the Ogrun dies to pirates. Nightmare charges and kills the Ironclad. I win 6-2.

Getting that side with the forrest ended up to be huge. Cygnar is usually my least favorite matchup, and Zach knows that Ogrun aren't "optimal". It was a good game but i felt in control for almost all of it. He needed to be more aggressive on turn 1, and need to swing way more to my zone. Zach's always a blast to play, and this time was no exception. Plus did you see his shirt! At this stage there are 3 undefeated players left. Andy S, a friend who plays Khador, and Parker playing Skorne. Parker has to drop due to other engagements so onyl a 4 round event. I get Khador on Incursion.