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Warmachine Battle Report: Funtastic Games Sr2016 75point Steamroller FINAL TABLE

I'm playing a friend Andy S who runs Khador. We've dojo'd this a bunch each way so it should be interesting his pairing is Pvlad Double Conquest and Harkevich. The scenario is incursion. I decide I need to drop Ghost Fleet. I know Harkevich likes to try to use Iron Sentinel to live plus the feat. With 3 machine wraiths I'm hoping he gives me an assassination run that way. I don't think Vlad is a viable drop into either lists, but more on that later. I'm anticipating Hark and thats who he drops.

Andy won the die roll and decided to go first. The map is an odd one (Andy and I were talking about it before the match) so I take the side without the forrest thinking it might slow him down a little? There is a large obstruction in the middle of the map and I'm hoping he uses it for cover or bottle necks him for me to grind down or get the ghost shot assassination. I send nightmare wide and hope to be able to keep Denny safe up the middle. Kodiak steam clouds on me is not the way I want to lose this. I put my blackbanes out to a far flank, this looking back was a mistake. I respected the Grey Lord seers too much, they are REALLY GOOD (wtf 4 points) but on marauders I should have just jammed them up the middle. I load my ghost fleet slightly toward the side behind the building, want to maximize the number of shots I can get if it comes to it. I don't think I kill Hark if he's in b2b with a jack when I go in, but I think I can hurt him enough to make him play WAY back or get him next round. Hark's Jump Start is a solid answer to how I normally control or dictate pace to the Khador jack spam, anyways here we go.

He runs up, keeps his forge seers back a bit, I run up as far as I can, Get 2 machine wraiths behind the building to make him stay back, or thats what I thought. I'm running both my Pistols on the left side as well I should have split them wide. 

Turn two he runs forward again, drops a bunch of smoke off Kodiak tramples, but doesn't feat. I look at it for a while but don't think I can get him. I can Apparition into a cloud and get a charge on a forge seer so we do that. It fails, I charged a few of his jacks as well just to tie them up a little and get some fire out there. I doubt pow 10 free strikes scare him. I've no idea why I GAVE HIM a machine wraith, just bad play.  I do back one of the Wraiths back from the middle tent for fear of the aoe 3 magic getting both. I backed him up too much though looking back.

Okay this time he jams the middle hard bases every flag and feats. Hark is on 5, and b2b with 3 jacks. For those of you who don't know he gets +2 def and arm when B2B and can't be knocked down. His feat gives +3 arm to battlegroup, so he's 16-21 right now on 5 focus, but I think I can get him hurt this turn, and dead next turn. Denny Arc node runs to within 8 of Hark. Denny Feats, Scourges the lead jack knocking them down for LOS. She lands the CG needing the 7 and then the run is on, if this failed I would have been really under to win. Pistol Wraith aims shoots Hark twice stationary. Does a little dmg but was dice minus 5. Machine Wraith goes hits the jugg who hits Hark for straight dice (should have done this last). Then he gets shot by 16 Revenants (pistols and ghost shots) which at dice minus 7 end up killing him. I still had a rengrave shot too. If he had lived I was banking on his turn being lack luster. His jacks are speed 2 atm, and he has to really think about what he wants to spend focus on. Hark himself is speed 1, so I didn't think he'd be able to escape.

Okay he died but I shouldn't have killed him. That being said it brings up an interesting point about dice math. If I shoot 10 times at dice minus 7 my average expected dmg isn't 0. But the average of 2d6 is 7, you're right, but thats only 58% ish. That means the other 42 I'm going to roll higher, and he doesn't heal when I roll under. So I shouldn't have won, but if I had to do it again i would. Banking on one 7 for the CG was the most nerve racking part, but you got to risk it for the biscuit. This moves me to 3-0 with Cryx in the Denver Meta in steamrollers. One more event win with Denny 1 and I'll change her up, thoughts on who's next?