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Warmachine Cryx Model Review: Mechanithrall

ordodementia artist work found here

It's no secret that my love of the Mc'Thrall boat was cemented in mkii. Recursion, PS 15, Recursion, and yes more Recursion. I'm misty eyed and nostalgic just thinking about it. That being said the mkiii Mc'Thrall is a very different beast. I won't go into details about why mkii was the best and you all should get off my lawn. What I will talk about is how I fell in love with the 12 point Mc'Thrall Boat.

So what does the Mc'Thrall do? We'll they're speed 6, mat 5 def 11 arm 12 undead zombies. They have 2 initials at PS 10 or they can combo strike for ps13. This unit costs 1 point per model no matter how you buy them. When mkiii announced them as is I was disappointed. However the god's shined on us and the 2 point Brute Thrall weapon attachment: Speed 6, mat 5, PS 14, combo strike to PS 19, and 8 health boxes, gained SHIELD GUARD! I'll let that sit in...


So while the previous Mc'Thrall boat kept itself alive and then threatened jacks. The new Mc'thrall boat keeps other things alive!?! While it's not very "cryxy" to keep things alive it's amazing. So to be clear I'm calling the min unit of Mc'Thralls (6 models) and the 3 Brutes the Mc'Thrall Boat. It gives you bodies to screen with, they have 18 attacks in the unit, and with combo strikes the Brute thralls are quite nasty. And it's 3 SHIELD GUARDS. This is huge for delivery, or keeping your caster alive. They have the added bonus of arm 14 8 boxes, they don't always die even when they do shield guard. Did I mention this boat only costs 12 points! The Inflictor is a solid shield guard jack, which costs more then the entire package. I've found them almost indispensable since I've started using them, and this is without the Infernal Machine theme!

So what are the downfalls? Well they're command six...which sucks. However it's worth noting you can shield guard out of formation. Their MAT sucks, but accuracy by volume is a thing and why not roll the swings. Sometimes they might hit the "lottery". Lastly even the big Brute Thralls only have 1/2 inch melee range, so threats are only 9.5 inches regardless of the model. That being said I still get a ton of work out of them. Shield guard early, second wave hitters late. Or you can always screen with the Mc'Thralls if you're not going into a gun line. 

I mentioned Infernal Machine (the theme) and I'll say ambushing them is incredible. It's a mind game with your opponents placement and the restrictions aren't too bad. That being said the theme is a ton to take in and deservers at the minimum it's own blog post, which I'll write someday.

So the take away today is TT fell in love with an undead steampunk zombie, and that love survived an edition change. If you're having problems keeping key models alive via shooting, please give them a try and let me know!