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Warmachine Cryx Commandment #2

We touched on the Cryx Commandment #1 earlier:
Thou shall bring two sources of armor debuffing, most of the time!
Today I'd like to talk about the second Cryx Commandment I've discovered:

Your last arc node is worth way more than just their points. 

What do you mean TT? You're being a bad asian. Just compare the point values. Where are the graphs and charts to back this up? Explain to me how 6 <> 6!?!?! Okay this isn't as crunchy as most of my rants, but I think it's really important. There are few models in this game who's impact is larger then their cost. This is embodied by anything with Hunters Mark. How many times has this happened?

"Whats your total threat on this guy?"
Well 10, but 12 with hunters marks.
"Okay thanks"((Stays 12 inches away))

Just the presence of hunters mark on the table gets people double and triple checking threat ranges. Doesn't matter if Lanyssa is half way across the table jammed in with your own models in a acid pool. People think it's there, and respect it. Arc nodes function in a very similar manner. As long as theirs an arc node they have to respect the spell assassination run. Starting at 6 points we get a speed 7, 14/14 arc node with 18 boxes. There are variations with different weapons but speed 7 arc node is what is usually important. With our shorter offensive spells being range 8 that gives us a 22 inch threat from our arc node. Our opponents have to respect this, and play around it. But as soon as you trade that Deathripper for Stannis Broker thinking you got the better end of the deal, our opponent can be much more brazen with their caster.

There's an ancient proverb I like to quote.  
Give a man two bone jacks and they'll have arc nodes for a while.
Teach a man to play with one bone jack and they'll have an arc node for the rest of their lives. 

Okay maybe I paraphrased that a little. But the idea and concept of learning to value your bone jacks by only playing with one has been around for a long time. I learned a doing this and encourage other Cryx players to try it as well. So go out there and get some games. Let me know how playing with only one bone jack worked for you. And remember;

Your last arc node is worth way more than just their points.