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Warmachine Cryx Review: Bandwagon part duex

Cryx Commandbook Cover

In my last post we talked about why people are jumping off the cryx bandwagon. Today I'll go over what ultimately drew me back into Cryx.

There are few things in this game that are as disparate as warcasters. There is no clear best and worst, however there are clearly ones that are leaps and bounds better than others. Now what makes a caster "better" is often their ability to win you the game. This could be an ability, field marshal, feat, spell, or spell list. It likely is a combination of them. A caster being able to win me a game wasn't what drew me back to Cryx though. Cryx's casters have always been inundated with answers, which makes them extremely fun to play!

Every army in this game is lead by a caster. Several of these provide some benefit to make their armies better. Some dominate the game themselves crashing headfirst into the enemy and killing anything that stands in front of them. Some apply pressure from multiple vectors and pounce on opponent mistakes. Some just gun for the assassination run, even if they see it coming, can they stop it? Cryx is fortunate to have casters that play basically any way you can imagine. Want to crash headfirst into the enemy? Denny 3 and Terminus can fit that bill. Shade2 and 3 can field an extremely annoying attrition game to grind down your opponent's will and army. Skarre 1 and 2 can make your opponents warjacks their worst enemy. Gaspy2 can march across the table with a cloud wall. Coven can deliver just about anything. And let us not forget the ultimate turd polisher, Denny1. 

Many Cryx casters have bags of holdings full of tricks, and with access to cheap arc nodes are able to dictate the game flow, or be reactive to it. For this reason I ended up back with the Cryx. I'm playing the game to have fun, and few things give me as many decisions and options as Cryx. Nothing to me is worse then playing a game where you feel like the only meaningful decision was what list to drop. In addition we can create an extremely diverse pairing. A Skarre list might have under a dozen models, paired with Terminus Ghost fleeting dropping over 50 on a table! With our factions fall from popularity it's refreshing to be able to catch people off guard in events. Gone are the days when everyone brings two lists, on they want to play and their Cryx Drop.

So our infantry might not be as robust as other factions. Our jacks are pillow fisted and don't have much in the way of staying power. We don't have models that shoot incredibly well, or launch lighting from odd orifices. Bane Knights were nerfed, so if you're looking for that may I recommend Ret Sentinel spam. However if you want to play some of the BEST warcasters in the game, I'd give Cryx a while. Maybe it's time to put away your snowflake Minion lists and come back to the dragon father.  Go give a few of our lovely Ladies or Gents a whirl. Tell me Denny 1 doesn't feel like cheating. Explain to me why Scaverous isn't feared by everyone. Tell me again how Pskarre got nerfed? Take a selfie with your opponents face as he realizes how durable Terminus Ghost fleet actually is. 

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