Colorado Warmachine


Colorado Warmachine Events is the "competitive" manifestation of the local Warmachine meta. We're dedicated to fostering, and growing the community. 


This site (and all Colorado events) are run by local sponsors and volunteers. If you are in a position to help us financially, we greatly appreciate your contributions. 100% of the money donated goes right back into supporting the Colorado Warmachine community.




James the Junkie

Dragonfather of Rocky Mountain Rumble, Colorado Store Wars, and “A Thrall Life” podcast, James the Junkie has a long history of running conventions and large events. Building the local scene with swag prizes, encouraging painted armies/clean play, and beer (hooray, beer!), the Junkie has now passed these local events onto the team below. Long may his beard and beer flow.


Tseung Tsu

T-Squared is an “old” gamer who's fondly remembers the good ol’ days when Sorcha went WHOOSH, Drakhuns would fly, Gorten had a battlebox, and bane knights shadow shifted. Father to an amazing flock of girls, T-Squared balances board games, lifting heavy objects, and attempting to make Cryx great again.

Each day is the day he promises that soon he'll have a fully painted army...



Better known by his handle Sardonic Artery, Colin collects tournament wins, (dead) forum infractions, and flags that he can’t be bothered to put on his Skorne models. A connoisseur of loud judge calls and short shorts, Colin spends his non-nerdy time writing, volunteering with kids, prisoners, and the homeless, and giving sermons about things you’re not supposed to talk about in church.

Let it be forever known that he sucked with Cygnar.   


Brandon is a devoted father from the Great North, from above the wall, near the white walkers. He's the go-to guy for running events in the Denver Metro Area... when his wife lets him out, that is. 

Fast facts: Brandon is currently painting/perfecting his Ret play; Brandon has a Press Gang tattoo despite not having a Press Ganger job; Brandon once ate a walrus.

He's very "girthy." Believe me. 



Trey is that guy. You know, the one you really don't want to deal with because he is just one big pile of rules lawyering? He comes from a background of innumerable different games from every genre imaginable. Trey's dedication to rules predates his schooling when he became so upset about a game of stickball that he deemed all the other neighborhood kids as uncultured savages.

Everything Judge Trey says is the will of Menoth.


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